Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions detailed below:

1. General Website Conditions and Scope

The use of this website provided by Signature Embroidery Ltd. (“SIGNATURE”) sets out Terms & Conditions of use of this website. These Terms and Conditions should be read carefully and they may be from time to time amended, modified or replaced by other Terms and Conditions. The Registered office of Signature Sales & Marketing Ltd. is at The Old Mill, Blisworth Hill Farm, Stoke Road, Blisworth, Northampton NN7 3BD (Company Number 12645773). Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions by email or in writing (by confirming acceptance of a formal quotation or sales order sent to you with document number) will create a binding Contract.

2. Intellectual Property

Brand names and contents of the SIGNATURE website my not be reproduced, sold or in any other way used without the prior written permission of SIGNATURE. It is agreed (by acceptance of a formal quotation or sales order with document number) that you acquire no other rights or obligations from SIGNATURE other than as set out in this website and all patents, rights and licences are expressly excluded from any rights which you may obtain.

3. Capacity of Customers

By emailed or written acceptance of a formal quotation or sales order sent to you with document number, you indicate that you are of contracting age (18 in England and Wales) and legally capable of entering into a binding Contract with SIGNATURE in respect of the goods or services ordered by you.

4. Consumer Rights and Liability in respect of Title and or Quality

All products sold by SIGNATURE are covered by guarantee in respect of flaws in production or workmanship provided by the manufacturer which guarantee may vary from item to item. This guarantee will normally provide for replacement of faulty parts and does not affect statutory rights.
No exchange of products will be given without the return of the original product or flawed part and there shall be excluded from the provisions of the guarantee (and not necessarily limited to the following) fair wear and tear, accidental damage caused by misuse, products being used otherwise than in accordance with instruction or design of the product, modification by the purchaser of the product.
Title to all goods supplied by SIGNATURE shall remain with SIGNATURE until paid in full and SIGNATURE reserves to itself the right at all times to collect (if need be deconstructing) and removing equipment in the event of non payment in full. By by confirming acceptance of a formal quotation or sales order sent to you with document number, you grant SIGNATURE reasonable Licence at all reasonable times to enter on to your premises to collect and/or deconstruct equipment as referred to in the immediately preceding paragraph and under no circumstances will SIGNATURE be responsible in respect of losses or claims advanced by your own customers as a result of SIGNATURE exercising its rights as above.

5. No liability is accepted by SIGNATURE in respect of any damage caused to people or property if such is caused by a failure to follow installation or safety instructions or otherwise caused by misuse.

6. Distance Selling Regulations (DSR)

The purchaser when buying “at distance” as defined by the above Regulations shall have the right to a “cooling off period” of 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods which are the substance of this Contract. The DSR does not however cover faulty or unpackaged or defectively packaged returned goods. In order to exercise your rights under the DSR, SIGNATURE require that they be notified within 7 days of receipt in writing (such not to include e-mail) that the goods are being rejected and the goods must remain in their original packaging and be undamaged and it should be noted that the DSR does not apply to any goods provided by SIGNATURE at your request that have been custom made.

7. Data and Privacy Protection

It is agreed that for the collection, use and processing of identifiable but personal data that SIGNATURE shall comply with applicable Laws on data and privacy protection on the SIGNATURE website or otherwise.

8. Description of Goods

Whilst we take the utmost care to ensure the product descriptions, pictures, information and prices are accurate we do not accept liability for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions and colours may vary from those shown on the website.

9. Disclaimer

In respect of any liability which is found by a Court or appropriate jurisdiction to be the liability of SIGNATURE no further liability is accepted in respect of consequential damage at any time.

10. Third Party Rights
It is agreed that no party who is a third party to this Agreement shall be entitled to exercise any of the rights set out herein and this Agreement is reached under the provisions of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

11. Disputes
Any disputes between the parties shall be resolved in the Courts of England of Wales.